Mission and Goals


Mission Statement

The Residence Hall Association at New Mexico State University strives to enrich the on-campus experience by providing educational, fun, and engaging programs, building communities within the residence halls, and developing future leaders.

RHA Breakdown

The Residence Hall Association at New Mexico State University strives to serve the residents that live on campus to the best of our ability. We will do this by putting on educational, and fun programs for the residents, offer community councils within each hall in order to find and develop future leaders, and take student leaders to leadership conferences. We will serve all campus residents when we put on programs, and serve non-campus residents if they were to attend the program, in order to show them what living on campus offers, and motivate them to live on campus. Executive members of the Residence Hall Association will work in conjunction with the Resident Directors of our Residence Halls to develop strong community councils that work to improve their individual Residence Halls by the means of purchasing new equipment for the Hall, as well as fun, engaging programs.