2017-2018 RHA Executives:

Executive Office Hours

Lawrence Hittle: President

Lawrence Hittle Is in his final year, studying government with a minor in communication studies. Lawrence Hopes to work in political campaigns and offices after graduation. Lawrence is originally from Roswell, NM. Lawrence as the president of RHA advocates for the needs of all campus residence, in addition to overseeing the day to day activities and operations of RHA. Lawrence enjoys hiking, running and trying the local food around Las Cruces and El Paso.







Erin Griego: National Communications Coordinator                   


Erin Griego is in her 4th year here at New Mexico State University. She is currently studying Journalism and Mass Communications, and hopes to go on to Graduate School to further her education in Student Affairs. She is originally from Albuquerque New Mexico. In addition to working with other schools in the region, taking student leaders to conferences, and helping students develop into young leaders, Erin enjoys being involved on campus, scuba diving, planning programs and events, and hanging out with friends and family.







Josiah Armstrong: Director of Business Administration

Josiah is currently a junior studying General Business and is expected to graduate in May 2019. Besides taking minutes and balancing the budget for RHA, Josiah also works at the Student Radio Station KRUX on campus so feel free to talk to him at any event about music as he’s always searching for new stuff. When he’s not working you can expect him to be binging whatever series he has recently stumbled upon or studying up on Star Wars Trivia in case the time ever comes that he needs to use it.










Sebastian Martinez-Estrade, Director of Programming

Sebastian is currently a senior studying Computer science and is expected to graduate in December 2018. Sebastian is the man who plans and executes programs all across campus for the residents of new Mexico State University. Besides spending all his time in the lab looking at code and running around turning in forms, he loves to unwind with some racquetball or playing some PC/mobile games on the side. Always feel free to talk to Sebastian about anything and everything, he loves to meet new people and learn new things!












Mikki Shaw, Director of Public Relations

Mikki is a Graphic Design major that just can’t seem to settle on a minor- but she’s determined to figure it out! She’s more than ready to help the community and Hall Councils with advertising and brainstorming innovative ideas that will better NMSU. When Mikki isn’t relating to the public, she loves reading, music, art, and various phone games- the current addiction is Panda Pop. Feel free to stop in, the RHA office gets lonely!