2016-2017 RHA Executives:

Erin Griego, President

Hi Aggies!

My name is Erin Griego and I am the president of the Residence Hall Association. I got my start with RHA my freshman year, when I joined Pinon Hall’s Community Council. Being involved in Community Council really sparked my interest in programing for the University and advocating for student needs. My favorite thing about New Mexico State University is all of the amazing students that come out to programs and want to get involved in their community.







Corey Boehm, Vice President

Born in a lab deep underneath Washington, this specimen escaped a few months after its creation in 1995 and has been on the run ever since. Currently wanted in relation to several attempts to incite a “spider uprising.” He has a background in both Physics and Astronomy. Can be lured with promises of beef jerky and cats.

Current Whereabouts: Somewhere on the NMSU campus.







Lawrence Hittle, National Communications Coordinator

Hello all, my name is Lawrence Hittle. I am a government major and will be living in Vista Del Monte! This year I am honored to serve the Residence Hall Association as the National Communications Coordinator. This is my third and final year in RHA as I am set to graduate this spring. If you have questions about conferences or leadership development feel free to email me at jhittle@nmsu.edu.








Sebastian Martinez-Estrade, Director of Administration

Hey Aggies! My name is Sebastian Martinez-Estrade and I am currently a senior here at NMSU. I am currently working towards getting my Bachelors of Science in Computer Science. This year I am proud to say that will be serving as your Director of Administration. Funny story, I was never really involved in RHA until this year. I became involved because of my friend Andres, who is currently the Director of Programming, who sparked my interest to be involved in the residence halls. I love to go out and meet new people but I also like to stay home and either watch Netflix or play a good match of Overwatch.  I hope to meet a lot of new people and make new friendships!








Andres Valle, Director of Programming

andres2016Hey Aggies! My name is Andres and I’m currently a sophomore here at NMSU. I’m studying Journalism & Mass Communication with an emphasis in Broadcasting, and I’m proud to be your Director of Programming for RHA. I’m originally from San Diego, California but finished off high school here in New Mexico. I’m also a huge music junkie and lover of all things art! I love getting students involved and developing them as leaders! My main goal this academic year is to provide meaningful programs that create community among the residents. Don’t be afraid to stop by the office or say hello to us around campus. Hope to see you guys around!







Alexander Warner-Garrett, Director of Public Relations


Hey Aggies! My name is Alexander Warner-Garrett, and I am the RHA Director of Public Relations. I am a sophomore studying journalism and mass communications. My involvement with RHA began last fall when I got involved with hall council while living in RGH. My goal is to keep our residents informed about everything RHA has to offer. In addition to my involvement with RHA, I am also an ASNMSU Senator for the College of Arts and Sciences.