RHA is a student run organization that provides a forum to implement the changes and build the community that current and future NMSU residents desire and have the right to attain. Aside from programming for our residents, we also find ways in which we can improve the halls on our campus. We fight hard to make sure everyone living on campus is happy!




Are you interested in becoming an RA, joining the RHA Executive Board or becoming a better leader in your community? Consider applying for our IACURH delegation! IACURH 2016 will be held from November 11-14 at Utah State University. You must be a current on-campus resident at NMSU to apply. The deadline to apply is Monday, September 26 at 5pm. Contact Lawrence Hittle, the National Communications Coordinator, at jhittle@nmsu.edu if you have any questions.


Download the 2016 IACURH application!


Upcoming Events

We currently don’t have any upcoming events, but we are actively planning more events to engage our residents!

Do you have any ideas on how we can improve your housing experience? Contact us below!

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Office located in La Vista Learning Center in Garcia Hall
Open Monday-Friday
(575) 646-5007